Hmong traditional clothe


  Today the women of each subgroup wear difference traditional clothing. White Hmong women wear plain, white skirts. The skirts of Blue or Green Hmong women are highly decorated with needlework. Striped Hmong women wear shirts with blue and black stripes encircling their long sleeves. Because, now they have many different new styles clothes and the new styles were more beautiful than the old styles. I think Hmong traditional clothing will continue change and change by over the time and from the granulation; because new people have new idea to make different clothes by the new styles and what they like it to be.     

Differences in men's clothing are less notable. "The traditional Hmong men's costume consists of a black tunic and black wide-legged trousers. However, many Hmong men have now adopted Western clothing styles. Prior to the 20th century, Asian Hmong women made most of the clothing for their families. They made their own dyes from vegetables and other plants and learned numerous needlework techniques to create paj ntaub" (flower cloth). For Hmong men's clothes not change much; because most men, they don't think and care much about the new styles. That is the reason why I don't have much information about Hmong men traditional costume or clothes. But for women, they care very much about it, because most women like to be beautiful all of the time. Now Hmong women traditional clothes have change by over the time and it was different from the old traditional because the new traditional were making up by the idea their like and new styles.